Imported from Ivory Coast, Africa🇨🇮.
Our moisturizing Cream of the Crop is comprised of 100% Shea Butter and Premium Fragrance - NO ADDITIVES and PRESERVATIVES. Our Shea Butter is dense and a little definitely goes a long way. 

Many people ask "What's the difference between Shea Butter and a Lotion?"  The difference between Shea Butter and a Lotion is in the composition. The rich ingredients (oils and natural butters like Shea) provide a moisturizing mixture with the absence of water unlike lotion.

Has your skin ever said, “thank you?” If not, this moisturizing Body Butter is the key to hearing your skin utter those words. No, you won’t literally hear your skin say “thank you” but you will feel your skin say “THANK YOU!"


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