Burdock Root, c/s
Burdock Root, c/s

Burdock Root, c/s

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Origin: USA

Burdock (Arctium Iappa) is native to temparate Europe and northern Asia and is now wide-spread thoughout the northern hemosphere. It has broad, heart-shaped leaves and pink-purple thistle-like flowers. The roots, seeds, and leaves are used in herbal medicine for their detoxifying and antiseptic properties. It's is particularly favored when systematic imbalance is presenting as dry skin disorders.

To make a cup from loose herbs, place about 1 tsp. dried burdock root in a teacup, pour approximately 7 ounces of hot or boiling spring or filtered water over the herbs, and let it steep for at least 1 minute and a maximum of 20 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. Strain the loose pieces and enjoy.


Warning: Avoid during pregnancy.
May conflict with other hypoglycemic medications.