Coffee Cherry Tea [Cascara]

Coffee Cherry Tea [Cascara]

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Product of Nicaragua, Made in the USA

Made from arabica coffee cherry husks and skins, earthy with notes of cherry.

Made from a part of the coffee plant that is usually discarded, we love using up these leftovers to make a deliciously tart and fruity caffeinated "tea". We source our Coffee Cherry Tea from Coffee Flour™, a great Canadian company who have a passion for coffee, and for the people, and communities who grow it. So finding a use for that discarded fruit became their purpose. They pioneered a process that converts this coffee byproduct into a nutrient-dense new super-ingredient they call Coffee Flour™ and now their Coffee Cherry Tea by Coffee Flour™. 

To Brew: Pour 8oz of just boiled water over 1-2 teaspoons of blend, let steep 5 minutes.

Add: Cream and sweetener, if needed.