Dandelion Leaf c/s
Dandelion Leaf c/s

Dandelion Leaf c/s

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Origin: Bulgaria

Dandelion leaf’s (Taraxacum officinale) nutritional components can be helpful to a number of health issues. It stimulates the function of many glands and organs, particularly the kidneys and the liver. It can be used as a natural diuretic, and it contains the micronutrients potassium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Dandelion can also aid digestion by increasing the flow of digestive juices, helping absorption. Its ability to increase the elimination of toxins through the liver and kidneys can cleanse the blood and potentially clear the skin as well.

How to make dandelion tea at home
  1. Place about two cups of clean dandelion in a sauce pan.
  2. Cover with about four cups of water.
  3. Bring water to a boil. ...
  4. Allow the tea to infuse for three hours or overnight.
  5. Strain out the dandelion and reserve the liquid for your tea.
  6. Dilute the tea with water if the flavor is too strong.


Warning: Not enough research has been done to determine whether taking dandelion as a supplement is safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women. For people who have a ragweed allergy, dandelion may be an allergen too.
Avoid if accute gallbladder issues are present. Diuretic properties.