The Spirt of African Design

The Spirt of African Design

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The Spirit of African Design is an illustrated home-living guide to African-inspired style, with gorgeous photographs, fascinating cultural and historical information, and plenty of ideas and resources for interpreting styles, from Marrakesh to Capetown. Explore the treasures of the past and revel in the exciting work of today's young designers. 250 full-color photographs.

Spirit of African Design is as richly vibrant as the masks, nail fetishes, Senufo beds and portraiture that graces its pages.... The authors infuse the spirit of the continent into every area of the home... -- Quarterly Black Review, Judy Willis

Two design experts share their knowledge of and enthusiasm for African design and style, presenting African motifs as displayed in contemporary home settings. As most titles on African design focus on either museum holdings or native settings, this makes for a different approach to African design which teaches a new perspective, standing apart from the myriad of African art and contemporary design standards. -- Midwest Book Review