This Side Up Box Set

This Side Up Box Set

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During the journey, the box was often thrown, tipped, and turned upside down, causing Brown pain and injury. The box was labelled “this side up with care,” but on a few occasions the box was tipped upside down, and Brown had to carefully balance himself so that he would not snap his neck. He risked being found and brought back into slavery or being physically hurt during his treacherous escape, but he successfully completed the trip without harm. 

Henry "Box" Brown

Enjoy a set of 3 of our delicious teas: 

1 Escape - Green Kukicha Tea & Dried Blueberries

1 Freedom - Organic Rosehips, Lemongrass & Orange Peels

1 Underground - Organic Green Tea, Hibiscus & Raspberries

1 Tea Infuser