Tsiyon-Zion (U)
Tsiyon-Zion (U)
Tsiyon-Zion (U)
Tsiyon-Zion (U)
Tsiyon-Zion (U)

Tsiyon-Zion (U)

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Tsiyon - Zion or Sion

The hill on which the city of Jerusalem stands, the ancient Israelites of the Bible. Israel as the national home of the Hebrew people
Fume Notes:
When you think of one scent that represents sensuality and a ravishing of the senses it is musk. Tsiyon is an exciting companion to regular Egyptian musk. It is an exotic and sensual fragrance that has great intensity. Powdery soft woody notes dance on top of warm, tender musk that surrounds a beautiful floral accord and is brightened by a splash of citrus. If you love regular Egyptian musk, then you're not going to want to miss this beautiful and sensual variation.

Directions: Gently shake bottle, and softly dab on your skin. Please apply with caution, a little goes a long way since this is highly scented!


1 oz. glass bottle has a lined aluminum (no-rust) cap, which make for a very durable top. 


Limited Stock Available! 🔥

  • 5ml
  • REAL BAMBOO--a nature bamboo roll-on bottle
  • PROTECT--With a Bamboo Shell, it protects your premium body oil from dropping and UV light

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